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Penetrating Real Estate in the Digital World

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

As a real estate agent, are you staying current and maintaining visibility among prospective sellers and buyers in an increasingly competitive Real Estate Market?

Building your website, creating your email list, and getting your name and business out in the open are critical beneficial factors for success in property investment. Creating familiarity and professional stature even before a prospect looks for an agent is one of the strategies that will keep an agent afloat in the real estate market. It can be sometimes demanding, but it is key to creating connections that ultimately will result in more leads and property sales.

Creating regional and national digital marketing campaigns promoting the agents’ skills, dedication, production, and proven track record is essential in today’s market for real estate agents. Digital marketing spread awareness about the services provided in real-time and increases lead conversion.

Using a digital marketing campaign is one of the most successful ways to reach as many potential clients and customers as possible in a targeted way and on a large scale, and the beauty is that, in the digital space, there's no limit to scalability.

The goal is to increase engagement and conversion with possible prospects, so live digital open houses, and featured events were introduced.

When trying to sell a property, open houses are not only traditional but extremely important to help you attract another owner. Even though your prospects love to physically come and project themselves into the property and feel the ambiance of their investment, that is only sometimes possible.

With digital live open houses, buyers can experience the whole property in a safe, detailed manner and on a convenient schedule.

With the spreading of the recent pandemic, visiting the open houses was almost impossible. That is why digital live open houses have been a significant key in alluring more potential buyers. It also builds up transparency and trust between the agent and the prospective client, as the content of their experience can be highly tailored to that person.

The beauty of this is that the future is nearly at our doorstep with technology such as the PlayStation VR2 and the Meta Quest Pro making virtual reality more accessible; it will be shared for agents to give the tour in a virtual reality space, giving them a truly immersive experience and some even with haptic feedback to make their environments more palpable as if they are there; all from the comfort of their home.

Why is this important?

Digital live open houses allow your prospects to join a tour with a click of a button from a link shared on their favorite digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Zoom. They can bring along their friends and family from across the world and, within seconds, potentially experience the house of their dreams.

This is another significant advantage of going digital and keeping up with the trends...

Bringing your business to the digital world, you become the "knowledge broker" of your community, consistently posting special community events and area-specific social initiatives such as food drives and charity fundraisers. You could easily reach a vast am.

Amount of people and become the heart of the community significantly. They will know you're always looking for innovations and improvements to enrich the districts with new neighbors, cultures, and customs to be shared with everyone. They even knit the community a bit closer with charity fundraisers to help people in need and create a bond between them.

Our campaigns maintained high visibility and strong community ties for anything that happened in their community, which contributed to creating a beautiful network of people who wanted to help and get together.

Thousands of residential digital marketing campaigns were created within the past two years. Over 43% of Real Estate transactions were inspired virtually during the pandemic. Thanks to digital marketing campaigns, it became possible for people to connect and find their perfect future home, which was a game changer for the real estate industry in general, as well as for potential buyers and sellers or people looking for a new place to rent.

Referrals from LinkedIn digital marketing posts alone were credited directly for interest and listings of thousands of realty transactions. Agents often reported that every “Just Sold” digital marketing campaign resulted in at least one qualified new listing. They could track and compare their performance and utilize their recorded data to refine their marketing strategy if needed.

The world is changing, and so is the Real Estate Market. Both agents, buyers, and sellers have to adapt to the changes that inevitably are happening. In today’s world, digital marketing is not only crucial but vital to spreading awareness and showcasing your intended project or location.

The future looks bright for aspiring or already existing participants in the real estate world, and most of the acknowledgment goes to the digital era that we live in, which makes it possible to connect safely with people from all over the world entertainingly and comfortably.

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