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How Digital Marketers Help Small Businesses Succeed by Improving their Social Experience

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Recently, marketers have been reducing costs and trying to figure out how to do more with less, as it is a common issue due to the economic state America is currently in. As a result, many individuals are focusing on more growth opportunities, ensuring that their channels are all optimized and making sure that their websites are entirely customer accessible and efficient. However, many people need to remember one crucial aspect: the social experience.

We live in an era of conscious capitalism, and social experience should be an integrated part of every digital marketing campaign. Everything that a business does has an equal, sometimes opposite, reaction to it. In today's day and age, companies that will succeed will embrace the benefits and prioritization of the social experience of every one of their customers. Here is how digital marketers should achieve this by improving this aspect.

Kelly White Digital Client: Magazine/Publication

Creating a Conscious Digital Experience

Businesses today need to have a website that has an exceptional user experience. After all, 61% of customers will go to a competitor after only one bad experience on a website or a particular channel for a brand. However, user experience is only half the equation.

Customers want to feel welcomed, which involves ensuring that the digital experience is valuable to all demographics by improving the company's social experience for each buyer persona. Everything on the site, or any channel being optimized, should be socially acceptable for all customer demographics.

Kelly White Digital Client: Real Estate Brokerage

Focus on the Value You Provide Customers

SaaS made it possible for customer desires to be met, leading to them expecting continuous value delivery. One of the best ways to add value to the social experience is to optimize the web tools and processes to make the experience easier on customers and more socially expansive for all demographics. This means looking at your website's value and how well it matches the pain points of each of your demographics.

Does your marketing campaign or brand message ultimately provide the value it needs for your demographic? You want to ensure that you provide value for every one of your customers, ultimately creating a more expansive and inclusive social experience.

Constant Learning is Key to Social Experience

Kelly White Digital Client: Home Inspections

The culture we reside in today is vastly different than it was a decade, sometimes even five years ago. Companies will always try to solve problems through an optimization strategy, but the first area that people should always look to is the customers. There will always be changes that need to happen to ensure that the social experience is as optimal as possible, so companies should focus on constant, efficient learning to achieve this.

In marketing teams, learning is a part of the process. Social experience will be improved with enhanced team support, acquiring new knowledge, and making intelligent decisions prioritizing each buyer persona. Making the website and the social media channels accessible is only part of the procedure, as it is essential to ensure that the brand benefits most customers, if not all.

Kelly White Digital Client: Preschool/Kindergarten

Step Into Your Customer’s Shoes to Improve Their Social Experience

Social experience will continually be improved over time, as it will always need adjusting to the current cultural norms and social expectations. Your customers are the best source of information to enhance your user experience and social experience.

Your user experience might drastically impact how many page views you receive. Still, your social experience will ultimately carry your reputation and allow you to maintain a firm place in your industry. Hence, it's essential that you focus on improving your brand’s social experience in the long term for maximum growth opportunities.

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