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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

In today's market, social media has become more and more important for the success of small business professionals. Building an effective branded online presence utilizing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Pages, and video is becoming an essential part of marketing for all real estate agents. If done correctly realtors will be able to capture online leads resulting in 20% of their business in 2023 without having to spend thousands of dollars to purchase leads.


  • The growth of social selling is the way of the future and social ads are adapting to the need of the consumers

  • 2022 is seeing an uptick in social selling and remote selling teams are growing faster than in-person selling teams

  • Consumers: They want faster service and they want better experiences.

  • TikTok: Has increased 61% since 2021, the app

has over 3 billion global downloads, the platform embraces diversity, advertisers/influencers can be themselves without having to comply with certain standards, customers are looking for fun, short "snackable" content to look at on the go and TikTok videos can be repurposed for LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.


  • The internet's ability to collect billions of points of data has made social media a gold mine for advertisers

  • Advertisers have realized the importance of social advertising and how crucial it will be moving forward into the future

  • Social networks are becoming lower in the sales funnel and have become a real game changer for advertisers

  • The customer social experience is generating more leads

  • Building a direct relationship with the consumer on social platforms is becoming more and more important

  • Whether it's Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or other social ads, innovation is needed to capture the short attention spans of consumers

  • Advertisers need to focus on moments of surprise and interactive content


For Small Business Owners

  • Develop your social media strategy

  • Build a branded online presence.

  • Obtain more followers.

  • Create "stop-worthy" posts.

  • Create successful social media ads.

  • Create conversations.

  • Increase Google search positioning.

  • Build an online presence as an industry leader.

  • Capture online leads.

  • Turn leads into appointments

  • Turn appointments into transactions!


  • Build a Facebook Business Page

  • Invite Followers

  • Create a Professional (not personal) Instagram Account

  • Connect Your Professional Instagram Account to Your Facebook Business Page

  • Build a Google My Business Page

  • Create a TikTok Account

  • Update Your LinkedIn Account

  • Start Creating:

Make Sure Your Posts are Visually Attractive

Have a Call to Action

Ask a Question to Engage in Conversation

ALWAYS Respond to Everyone Who Comments

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